Surf Instructor

A real Surf enthusiast who loves above all to pass on this passion thanks to his modern pedagogy and his experience of the ocean (he "felt inside being small ..."). Pierrik ensures the best waves for your level by adapting to the environment and guaranteeing your safety: tide, swell, wind, etc ...
This Breton based in Bali (Indonesia), returns every summer "to the country" to share his experience Surf and his adventures ...

Post: Surf Instructor, Founder of Bénodet Surf School, Founder of Bali Ocean Surf
Resides at: Seminyak - Bali (Indonesia)
Experience: Surfing since the age of 7, Surf Educator's Certificate, Rescuer Swimmer and PSE1 (First Aid in Team Level 1)
"Regular" or "Goofy": Regular
Favorite Waves: Padang-Padang (Bali) and Spot Secrets
Favorite surfer: Jamie O'Brien
Favorite dish: Black Wheat Galette Egg-Ham-Cheese
Email: contact@benodet-surf.com
Phone: +33 6 98 15 10 00


State Patent Surf
First Aid Diploma